File Preparation

Although we do FREE layout design, feel free to do your own design or get it done by any graphic designer. We’ve provided the information below to help you properly set-up your design files for print. Checking your files for mistakes can greatly reduce the time your job spends in pre-press, and can prevent your job from being put on hold.

– Should you like us to design your cards, please make sure your files are High-resolution 300dpi (or very large low resolution files so we can resize without loosing too much quality). Low resolution images print out fuzzy, jagged and blurry. Do not save images or graphics from a website to use in your QSL! 72dpi resolution is not suitable for high quality printing. Do not even try to upsample the resolution of an image from 72dpi to 300dpi unless you decrease the final size. Upsampling adds more pixels/dots per inch (dpi), but creates blurry images, ugly blocks of color, and high contrast in images. The only way resolution can be improved is by decreasing the image size, or by recapturing the image at a higher quality setting. We may be able to upsample a 72dpi image (large size) to a 300dpi image (small size).

Please also note that you are supposed to be the rightful owner of legal rights to use any photo or graphic on any printed material we will print for you.

– Should you design your QSL yourself, please save it as a high-resolution Pdf or Jpg file
Make sure all fonts have been outlined. You can also email us all font files that are used on your design (PC font files only, no Mac font files).


Please also note: because of large differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colours may not exactly match the colours on your actual monitor, especially when you design on a laptop or on a cheap LCD monitor. High quality LCDs and old CRT monitors should be colour calibrated for best results.

Texts : Texts are much easier to handle. Just put them in an email, or as an attachment. Please note we only accept the following kind of files: Doc, Docx, Txt, Odt.